The Ann Arbor Chronicle » City Council To Weigh Mixed Advice on Dam
By Mary Morgan
At its Thursday night meeting, the Ann Arbor Environmental Commission approved a resolution recommending that the city initiate removal of Argo Dam. It is the opposite advice given by the city's Park Advisory Commission, which last week ...


Playing @ Mill Creek Rapids - Dexter, MI

Whitewater in Ann Arbor is a simple idea

A series of whitewater features, even just a few, will make Ann Arbor an attractive destination for whitewater paddlers.

Here is a photo of a single whitewater feature at a drainage ditch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This features has been used for practice by world-championship-level kayakers. Paddlers all over Michigan would happily flock to the Huron River should similar features be created in lieu of Argo Dam.


8 - 4: EC recommends Argo Dam removed

Ann Arbor EC votes to recommend dam removal
Ann Arbor's environmental commission voted 8-4 Thursday to recommend removing the Argo Dam, which would return the Huron River to a free-flowing state in that area.


Environmental Commission: Argo Dam Goes

Full DRAFT resolution from 5/27

"Resolved the Ann Arbor Environmental Commission recommends to the City Council that the
Argo Dam is removed. Several studies that should be conducted prior to a final decision to
remove the dam including, but not limited to:
1. Sediment management,
2. Dam removal protocols, and
3. Land reclamation strategies; and
Resolved that the removal at Argo Dam cannot begin until other rowing facilities are
established on Barton, Gallup or other ponds on the Huron River."

Community leader advocates restoring the Huron

Letter: Dam removal best for finances, environment
by Cedric A. Richner Ann Arbor
Wednesday May 20, 2009, 5:36 PM
In June, City Council will decide the future of Argo Dam. Dam removal is better economically, recreationally and environmentally.

Also, visit: http://www.restorethehuron.org/


Watershed council's resources on dam removal

The Huron River Watershed Council recently launched a new addition to it's website, titled "Argo Dam Removal." The page provides four simple justifications for removing Argo Dam, as well as some general facts about the dam. Visit the council's page by clicking here:

HRWC - Argo Dam Removal


Rowers, dam supporters launch media campaign

The following opinion pieces from 5/22 continue to refute the science-based claims that Argo Dam is a detriment to the quality of the Huron River between Barton and Geddes Dams. Likewise, the commentary points to the lowest-cost options for maintaining Argo Dam--a structure that primarily benefits Ann Arbor's rowing community--rather than bigger picture reasons to remove the dam (i.e. improved biological diversity, greater recreational opportunities, economic growth).

Other voices: Argo's demise could end rowing
MLive.com - MI,USA
In fact, it's one of the newest dams on the Huron River. (See related essay.) On May 7, a large group of concerned citizens participated in a public hearing ...

Other voices Far from deteriorating Argo Dam as good as it was ...
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Divided PAC passes resolution to keep dam

The Ann Arbor Chronicle » Park Advisory Commission: Argo Dam Stays
By Mary Morgan
Most of the 15 people who spoke during PAC's public comment time on Tuesday were in support of keeping Argo Dam, and some of those supporters – but not all – were part of the city's rowing community. Many teams use Argo Pond for ...


UM prof endorses dam removal

From MLive.com

Letter: Dam-free Huron River makes sense
by John R. Knott Scio Township
Monday May 18, 2009, 11:50 AM

Traverse City officials voted in April to remove three former hydroelectric dams on the Boardman River, joining the growing number of communities across the country who have decided that the liabilities of maintaining deteriorating dams are outweighed by the benefits of restoring stretches of free-flowing river.

The fact that federal and state funding is available for dam removal but not for dam maintenance is a recognition of the logic that drives such decisions.
Removing Argo Dam would give Ann Arbor 30 acres of riverfront parkland and a free-flowing Huron River within the city limits. The restored Huron would offer more fish species and an uninterrupted stretch of river with whitewater that would appeal to the many canoeists and kayakers who use the Huron.

Argo Pond has its defenders, particularly members of a vigorous rowing community who prefer it to other practice areas, but it is hard to believe that indefinitely paying the costs of maintaining an obsolete dam, and the related costs of managing a growing algae and sediment problem, make sense in the long run. The rowers could be accommodated elsewhere.

The experts on the health of the Huron River - ecologists, the DNR, the dedicated stewards of the Huron River Watershed Council - strongly favor removing Argo Dam.

The decision that City Council must make this summer will not be easy, but removing the dam would be the right course for the future and would strengthen Ann Arbor's reputation as an environmentally progressive city.


Dexter's Mill Creek Rapids - Best playspot in Michigan

RSCK Member, James Blackburn, paddles Mill Creek Rapids

The Spring of 2009 is proving to be exceptional for whitewater paddling in lower Michigan. The combination of seasonal thaw and rain is keeping rivers like the Clinton, the Huron, the Red Cedar--those known for providing whitewater paddling opportunities--at high levels. Huron River paddling enthusiasts are finding good play at the Trestle, Rock Dam, and Tubbs. The construction activity and non-maintenance of Delhi Rapids is resulting in lower quality eddies and play features, a sad sign.

There is a new addition to the whitewater resources in lower Michigan: the Village of Dexter's Mill Creek Rapids. This series of features was created when a small, failing dam was removed in 2008. Paddlers from Lansing, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids, and surrounding areas have all enjoyed Mill Creek's playful run.

For more information about the NEW Mill Creek Rapids, visit American Whitewater: