Huron River Paddler Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the survey! We received the maximum of 100 responses. Ann Arbor's Parks Advisory Commission (PAC) received the results on Tuesday, October 21. Your input will be used to further the understanding of whitewater kayaking and, hopefully, in future planning along the Huron River.


Provide support for NEW whitewater in lower Michigan

The City of Ann Arbor's "Huron River Impoundment Management Plan" Committee is investigating management solutions for a stretch of the Huron River that includes Argo Dam. Alteration and/or removal of the dam could create a new whitewater resource for lower Michigan.

The City of Ann Arbor needs to hear from the paddling community about the benefits of having a whitewater park. Many of us drive hours to the man-made East Race in South Bend, or the natural rivers of Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Now we may have an opportunity to play and train close to home!

If you enjoy whitewater paddling and wish to see a new whitewater section on the Huron River, please write to the following individuals to show your support:

Matt Naud
City of Ann Arbor Environmental Coordinator
Molly Wade
City of Ann Arbor Water Quality Manager

Ed Petykiewicz
Editor, Ann Arbor News

See you on the river!