Dexter's Mill Creek Rapids - Best playspot in Michigan

RSCK Member, James Blackburn, paddles Mill Creek Rapids

The Spring of 2009 is proving to be exceptional for whitewater paddling in lower Michigan. The combination of seasonal thaw and rain is keeping rivers like the Clinton, the Huron, the Red Cedar--those known for providing whitewater paddling opportunities--at high levels. Huron River paddling enthusiasts are finding good play at the Trestle, Rock Dam, and Tubbs. The construction activity and non-maintenance of Delhi Rapids is resulting in lower quality eddies and play features, a sad sign.

There is a new addition to the whitewater resources in lower Michigan: the Village of Dexter's Mill Creek Rapids. This series of features was created when a small, failing dam was removed in 2008. Paddlers from Lansing, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids, and surrounding areas have all enjoyed Mill Creek's playful run.

For more information about the NEW Mill Creek Rapids, visit American Whitewater: