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You have an opportunity to help the Huron River

You have an opportunity to help shape the management and direction of the Huron River as it flows through Ann Arbor. And we need your help. We have been working with the City of Ann Arbor to develop strategies for managing and protecting the river in Ann Arbor with a focus on the dams and their upstream impoundments. These impoundments are struggling with a build-up of sediment, nuisance weed growth, algae blooms, poor ecologic quality, and multiple recreational uses. The city has not had dedicated funds or a strategy to manage these uses and problems.

Following a 1995 DNR Huron River Assessment, the Huron River Watershed Council believes that Argo dam doesn’t make sense any more. The restoration of the river should be a priority and removing this dam is the most sensible option. Argo dam's infrastructure is aging and requiring large investments (exceeding $0.5 million dollars). The build-up of sediment and weed growth is a problem for recreational users and the rowers now weed whack (mulch) the plants in order to cut a path to row. Rather than managing all of the impoundments for all uses, active recreation and public funds should be focused on fewer impoundments where the City can dredge, manage weeds, and serve the public.

The city is hosting 3 public meetings over the next 2 weeks. The environmental commission will hear and vote on the recommendations in March and April and then they will go to the City Council for approval.

Here are the public meetings and times and the primer. If you can make it to a session and express your thoughts, great and thank you. I am also working with other interest groups to get more voices at these meetings.

Public Meetings:
1/28 7-10pm
1/31 9-12 noon
2/5 7-10 pm

The Primer is posted on the HRIMP website under background documents

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Public Meetings Link

If you have further questions, please contact me at lrubin@hrwc.org.

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