Response to Huron River Paddlers from Molly Wade, Water Quality Manager, City of Ann Arbor

Thanks very much for your comments and interest in the Huron. As you know, right now we have not created a survey for paddlers, although I really like the idea! I can tell you that we will be holding a series of public meetings in late September & October to present recommendations and get feedback. I encourage you to attend one or more of these meetings. We have not finalized dates, but will do so by 9/5 and will post them on the city's website. Each meeting will likely focus on a different stretch of the river; again, details will be on our website. In the interim, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again,

Molly Wade
Water Quality Manager
City of Ann Arbor Systems PlanningUnit/Public Services Area
100 N. Fifth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48107